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[edit] Timeline, Story so far

[edit] It starts...

[edit] May 23

Various prominent Joss Whedon fans receive an email from Adelle Dewitt, though apparently sent to the wrong recipient

Recipients include Furiousnads.com,
The email, from adelle@adelledewitt.com:
Take Southlandlabs.com offline for now whilst we redesign.

This leads to Adelledewitt.com and Southlandlabs.com
Adelledewitt.com is relatively plain with a login and password entry prompt.
Southlandlabs.com is empty, save an overhead view of a star-shaped layout of 5 beds in a large room. In the source is the phrase "soon. but not yet"

[edit] May 26

Googling "Kimi Lassek" leads to a new site Findkimi.com.

Findkimi.com is run by Sheridan Owen in Manchester, UK (email sheridan.owen@googlemail.com).
The blog has two posts - one saying a strange letter was received from Kimi and Sheridan would make a Youtube video, another 2 months later with a photo received in the mail.

A blog entry on fox.com is posted, also linking to Adelledewitt.com, and receives a comment from "Kimi Lassek" revealing the login.

The login for Adelledewitt.com is

Inside Adelledewitt.com is an email inbox with one email, subject: "External Website", from Topher Brink

The email reads:
Website (http://southlandlabs.com/) is gone as requested. Will relaunch once the design is good to go.

[edit] May 27

Sheridan replied to an email from October asking about his Youtube profile.

He had trouble with the video, so will get the letter online. In it Kimi mentions the Dollhouse. She's been out of contact for years, when usually she's not out of contact for more than a few days.

A new email is received at Adelledewitt.com , subject: "Meeting: serious issue", from Adelle, t "SECURIY DL"

The email, sent at 7:33am local time, reads:

We may have a problem regarding one of the Actives. It appears somebody -- a civilian -- is trying to find them.

My office, 9am. Don't be late.

Southlandlabs.com goes blank.

[edit] November 9

Rossumcorporation.com is discovered, with a phone number that can be called. Sending an email prompts a reply with reference to "ditch the tech" - Ditchthetech.com. This includes a reference to Wipethefuture.com.

First noted at whedonesque.com, people can call 206-426-5839 for a 'confidential evaluation'. Emailing RC led to a response email with the subject DITCH THE TECH.:
We have hacked Rossum.

DITCH THE TECH or society will collapse.

This leads to Ditchthetech.com, which contains in the source, a reference to Wipethefuture.com which is currently N/A.
DTT provides a link to a propaganda flyer PDF for people to print and share.

[edit] Latest
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